Mowder Construction ("MC") is a Design Build and Construction company focused on high end residential projects, including new build, major additions and upscale renovations.

MC works with homeowners and their designers and architects from project inception to completion. MC is included from the planning stage and participates in the initial conceptual discussions as well as those relating to specific design build techniques and innovative building materials used both in the exterior and interior construction to give each client the Home they envision. MC will source all of the materials including modern, contemporary and vintage building products that suit your design. This could include a fa├žade made of contemporary steel framed windows to interior wrought iron detailing to French farmhouse doors with antique finishes.

MC is based in Toronto and has been working throughout most communities including those of Rosedale, Foresthill and Leaside and also the Beaches and Leslieville, and surrounding areas for over 2 decades. In addition to design, build and construction expertise, MC has staff members with experience in water and fire damage and restoration which at times is the root of a new design build project.